Gotham: Fish Mooney Is Returning


Gotham’s most dangerous female mobster is coming back in the second half of season 2

When we last for real saw Fish Mooney, she had fallen into the Gotham river and was presumed “dead” at the end of season one. But really, she mysteriously fell into a river, that’s the easiest way  to “kill” someone and yet leave the door open for them to miraculously return. And a possible comeback for Fish Mooney was even hinted at in the mid-season finale, as we saw a body that definitely looked like hers at the mysterious Indian Hill facility.

Of course, that could’ve been a tease that didn’t pay off for another couple of seasons or possibly never if Jada Pinkett Smith didn’t want to return to the role. But TVLine is reporting that Gotham’s top female mob boss will be returning for several episodes in the second half of season two.

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Jada Pinkett Smith returning to Gotham isn’t that big a surprise. She was extremely positive about her experience on the show, even saying it rekindled her passion for acting. What might be a suprise is just how Fish Mooney comes back. Will Indian Hill enhance her in some way, will she get a super power of some sort? Will she be out for revenge against Penguin, or have bigger goals in mind? And of course this really opens the door for other deceased villains to return, which Ben McKenzie hinted at recently. The only way to find out will be to watch Gotham when it return February 29th on Fox!