Justice League Returns To Animation In Justice League Action


Justice League Action is coming to Cartoon Network

We’ve know for awhile a new Justice League cartoon development, now it’s been made official! Justice League Action is the name of the new series and it’s coming to Cartoon Network. We don’t have an official date yet, but it’s been promised that the show will debut “soon” so likely before the Fall.

We don’t really know the premise of Justice League Action, but it won’t be full 20+ minute episodes, instead each episode will be 11 minutes, so it’ll be a little more like Teen Titans Go. Although it’ll be sporting a whole new animation style ad is on a completely different network, Kevin Conroy, who has voiced Batman the majority of the time of the last two decades, will be doing so again in Justice League Action. In some other really fun casting news, Diedrich Bader (who voiced Batman in Batman: The Brave And The Bold) will be voicing Booster Gold (hopefully he’ll have a fairly prominent role in the show as opposed to Justice League, where he was only in a couple episodes) and James Woods will voice Lex Luthor. Other roles such as Wonder Woman and The Flash have yet to be announced.

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While the idea of a new Justice League show is definitely exciting, Justice League Action has to be a letdown for fans of the old Justice League cartoons from the Bruce Timm era. The runtime alone means this show won’t really be able to  deep mature stories or season long arcs. It seems like they are just aiming for 11 minutes of pure action, probably meant for a much younger set, which you can definitely infer from the designs. It doesn’t mean Justice League Action will be a bad show by any means, but not the kind of revival most longtime fans have been looking for.

h/t Comicbook.com