Justice League vs. Teen Titans Releasing April


DC’s next animated film, Justice League vs. Teen Titans, releases in just a few months

Can’t wait for the next DC animated film? Good news, we now know that Justice League vs. Teen Titans is releasing April 12th!

April 12th is the physical release for Justice League vs. Teen Titans on Blu-Ray and DVD, and a limited amount of the blu-ray combo pack will contain a Robin figurine. If you cannot wait until April 12th and don’t care about physical copies, Justice League vs. Teen Titans will release digitally on March 29th, that’s just a few days after Batman v Superman is out in theaters in case you are jonesing for another shot of DC right after. For those interested in extras, the blu-ray combo pack may be the best deal as it comes with a several featurettes and two classic DC cartoon episodes in addition to the usual sneak peak at the next DC animated film, which could be the next in-continuity DC animated universe film, but would be more likely to be our first look at the animated adaptation of The Killing Joke, which is due out later this year.

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It seems like Batman: Bad Blood was a nice rebound from a string  of rather mediocre animated comic book films of late. Hopefully Justice League vs. Teen Titans will continue that and make it a trend. One thing is for sure, between animated and big  screen releases, no one is lacking for superhero movies this year. Once again, Justice League vs. Teen Titans releases digitally March 29th, and then on April 12th on Blu-Ray and DVD.

h/t Comicbook.com