Mezco To Release Batman v Superman Figures


Mezco is releasing Batman and Superman action figures based on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice!

Mattel has already got two different lines of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice action figures on the shelves, the regular ones and the higher-end Multiverse ones, but now Mezco is bringing out their line of even more high-end figures that are targeted more towards collectors.  Under the One:12 Collective label, Mezco will be releasing one Batman figure (in his normal costume) and one Superman figure.  Both are available for pre-order starting today.

The One:12 Collective line already has some great Batman figures to its name.  Those are based on Frank Miller’s seminal mini-series The Dark Knight Returns and include Batman and the Mutant Leader.  The Batman v Superman ones following in their footsteps will have 35 points of articulation and will stand approximately 6″ tall.  While there is no price tag on them yet, the rest of the figures in the line range from $65-$70 each, so that’s probably what can be expected for Batman and Superman when they go for sale later today.

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The biggest thing that these new figures have going for them is that they have cloth costumes, rather than painted-on costumes like Mattel’s.  Their 35 points of articulation is also a good bit more than Mattel’s Multiverse figures (20) or their regular ones (9).  Whether those improvements are worth being more than three times more expensive than even the Multiverse figures is more about personal preference, but I’m content with settling for Mattel’s versions.  Check out the full announcement and a poster of the Batman and Superman One:12 Collective Mezco figures at Mezco’s blog here.  Also let me know what you think of them in the comments, and be sure to keep it locked to Caped Crusades for continuing coverage of Batman v Superman and for all your Batman news!