Will Batman v Superman Have A Record Weekend?


Will Batman v Superman be have one of the biggest openings of all time?

Ah the opening weekend. Often an indicator of a film’s success or failure by the public and box office pundits, regardless of how much the film goes onto make. Many comic book movies of late hold several of the top ten weekend opening spots of all time. Will Batman v Superman join the ranks and make history?

According to BoxofficeMojo.com, Batman v Superman will join that elite group, but just barely. They predict Batman v Superman will gross $154 million on it’s opening weekend which would let it just slide in and number 10. Other super hero movies in the top ten include Avengers, Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Dark Knight Dark Knight Rises and Iron Man 3, but those movies all have something in common that Batman v Superman does not, they were highly anticipated follow ups to a gigantic series of blockbusters, all building upon one another (not so much the Batman films, but those were still a series of highly successful critically acclaimed films). Batman v Superman is technically a sequel but I sort of feel like if Warner Bros. and DC didn’t feel like they were so far behind Marvel in getting their movies started, they might’ve pretended the divisive Man Of Steel never happened and just start their universe from scratch.

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Granted, Batman v Superman being able to claim it was one of the top ten openings of all time would be nothing to sneeze at, but would it be enough for the film to be considered a success? I mean, what do you judge it against? And will it have legs? It could far surpass those expectations but that means little if there’s a sharp drop off the following week. If Batman v Superman makes $800 million world wide it still might be considered not living up to expectations because the biggest super hero films cross the billion dollar mark. This isn’t Ant-Man or even Guardians of The Galaxy, which are inherently weird movies with characters nobody knew or cared about before the movie came out and were surprise hits. this is Batman and Superman, two of the most iconic superheroes in history.

Though in the end, it may not even matter. The DC film train is already rolling, for better or worse it may not stop until they’ve run through their first five or so years of films and actually have time to evaluate if this is damaging them in the long run. We’ll just have to wait and see.

h/t Comicbook.com