Batman v Superman: Wayne Tech Building Weapons


Wayne Tech Enterprises Is Building Weapons Again In Batman v Superman

Like most socially conscious billionaires that have a second job as superheroes, Bruce Wayne decided long ago that Wayne Tech would stop the insanely profitable business of making weapons. But it seems like that has changed in Batman v Superman.

A Batman v Superman comic has surfaced that apparently is one of four you can get with specially marked boxes of General Mills cereals. I don’t believe these actually come with the special edition Batman & Superman cereals because I bought those when they came out and there was no hint or mention of a comic book. I also don’t think this is the same comics you can get by buying Dr. Pepper products, but I’m not 100% sure. Anyways the comic reveals through its story that in the wake of the events Man of Steel, Wayne Tech is indeed building weapons once again. These are weapons meant to protect us from possible alien threats based on the Kryptonian weapons in Man of Steel, but odds are they will work pretty well on humans too.

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You can check out the Batman v Superman comic in our gallery below. It’s a decent enough story especially for a comic you find in a cereal box. I do have one complaint though, Bruce Wayne and Superman are both in this comic, and look NOTHING like Ben Affleck or Henry Cavill. It’s like they used their stunt doubles (Spaceballs reference FTW). Did they just not have the rights to use their likenesses even though they are in the freaking movie? See actual Bruce Wayne and actual Superman in Batman v Superman out in theaters March 25th.