The Dark Knight Game That Almost Was


A Dark Knight game Was In development at one time, check out some footage!

Ah, the terrible movie tie-in game. Once upon a time you could count on them like clockwork. Along with some big-budget movie was some horribly rushed and underwhelming at best video game desperate to screw unwitting consumers out of some money before word gets out of how awful the game actually is. Batman Begins was no different. It had a tie-in game, but to call it mediocre would be an insult to mediocre games. But the Batman Begins movie was a massive success so surely they would try again with a tie-in to the sequel, The Dark Knight right?

Yes, a tie-in game to The Dark Knight was in fact in development by Pandemic Studios (Star Wars Battlefront, not the new one, the original) and being published by Electronic Arts. Unseen 64 goes into the story of what happened with this Dark Knight game that never saw the light of day:

It’s an interesting look, especially if you don’t know much about how games especially licensed ones, are developed. Honestly, the most shocking thing is that EA didn’t make Pandemic just shove whatever they had out the door. I mean this is a time when games like Sega’s Iron Man, a game wholly unplayable and broken, was allowed to be released on the public. Why? Because there was a movie.

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Obviously, it’s a good thing crappy tie-in games are few and far between. I wouldn’t mind a game that revisits not just Dark Knight, but the whole Nolan trilogy, that’d be an interesting concept. It’s an interesting piece of Batman & video game history, but it’s definitely ultimately better that this Dark Knight game never saw the light of day.