Watch Chapter One Of Gotham Stories


Here’s Chapter One Of Gotham Stories For Your Viewing Pleasure

Now you could wait a couple of hours until X-Files airs tonight to catch the first chapter of Gotham’s animated comic, Gotham Stories, or you could just watch it right now!

This chapter of Gotham Stories is only about  a minute long, so it won’t take up much of your time, but it sets up some interesting things. Penguin is still trying to re-establish his place as king of the Gotham underworld, but he seems to have trouble reclaiming his crown. Another mobster is about to try and take him down when an unexpected guest makes a chilly entrance. Check out the first chapter of Gotham stories below:

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So obviously, this raises plenty of questions. Will Penguin continue to struggle to regain his short-lived title of King Of Gotham? Is he allied with Mr. Freeze, or is Freeze just showing up to ice everyone in sight? Also, if he’s already Mr. Freeze in this first chapter, will he just start off as Mr. Freeze when Gotham returns from it’s break? If so, odds are that we will see the transformation of Victor Freeze into Mr. Freeze through at least one flashback, possibly several.

Look forward to several more chapters of Gotham Stories in the coming week’s up to the return of the actual TV show on February 29th, all featuring voice work by the actors from the show in their various roles. They will air during X-Files, but will also be put up online earlier that same day, so we will post them on here so stay tuned for the next episode!