Batman Gets A Barbie Doll


Batman gets a new Barbie Doll based on the upcoming Batman v Superman film

Batman and Barbie? Actually, Batman has had previous Barbie Dolls based on his likeness, but the Adam West Batman of old is a far cry from the new grittier Batman of Batman v Superman. Besides, this is a huge comic book movie, there’s licensing deals to be made!

And so Mattel is doing a whole set of Batman v Superman Barbie dolls. They already showed off Wonder Woman, but we hadn’t seen how Batman would look until just now. There’s also a Superman doll on the way but there haven’t been any pictures released of him yet. The Batman Barbie Doll isn’t your run of the mill doll, however. It’s priced more with line of premium special edition Barbies at $110. Though given that this will likely become a collector’s item at some point whether Batman v Superman is a hit or not that’s not a terrible price.

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No word on when exactly these dolls will be available, but obviously they should be on store shelves not long before Batman v Superman hits shelves. To be completely honest, I think a better concept would be Barbie seriously dressed up as Batman. This figure doesn’t look that great as is, assuming I was willing to pay $110 for it, it would only be because I thought it might be a collector’s item, not that I actually think it looks good. Regardless, look for these Batman v Superman dolls on store shelves soon and the actual Batman v Superman movie in theaters March 25th.

h/t IGN