Tom Welling Is Very Excited For Batman v Superman


Can you guess who’s side Tom Welling is on for Batman v Superman?

Unlike many celebrities who have been asked their opinions as to who would win in the upcoming Batman v Superman, Tom Welling’s might actually be considered somewhat relevant. He might even be considered an expert, being that he played a young Clark Kent who would eventually go on to be Superman for 10 seasons on the show Smallville.

Being that he played Superman for so long, it may not be too surprising as to which side he is on for Batman v Superman, but he also talks about his new movie, and possibilities for Supergirl:

Like I said, it shouldn’t be horribly surprising. But you never know. If he was extremely sick of the role and the character after playing him for a decade straight, it could easily make him turn on the very character that made his career.

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Granted, being this is a Batman site, Tom Welling on Supergirl is a little off-topic, but I want to talk about it anyways. Supergirl of all of the recent DC TV shows seems to revel in it’s TV past, casting Dean Cain as Supergirl’s dad and Helen Slater as her mother. They even cast Smallville’s Supergirl, Laura Vandervoot, in an upcoming role. So it would make a lot of sense to get Tom Welling on the show. The smart thing to do would be to play him against expectations and cast him as a villain. In hindsight, he might’ve been awesome as Maxwell Lord, but of course that role is filled and Peter Facinelli does a great job in it.  Just have him as someone obscure and random like Atomic Skull unless he’s going to be a recurring character, then you can go a little deeper with him. Heck, make him Braniac. Either way, don’t be surprised if Tom Welling shows up in National City in the near future (by which I mean the next couple seasons, certainly not this year).

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