Legends Of Tomorrow Recap And Review – S01E03 – “Blood Ties”


Legends of Tomorrow has found its footing as fast as the third episode, “Blood Ties.”  With its propensity to having strong emotional through lines, this series is still proving that it’s one of the best DC-based shows to-date.

Legendary Recap: Ancient Egypt, 1700BC: Vandal Savage is quietly writing a manuscript when a cloaked figure enters and starts attacking.  The cloaked figure is discovered to be Rip Hunter.  Vandal’s guards enter and drag Rip away.

Leipzip, 1975: Kendra starts to seize.  It’s discovered that pieces of the dagger are still in her system and they’re moving towards her heart.  The team needs to figure out something fast.

Gideon tells them that their jumpship was damaged when Chronos attacked them.  Rip tasks Jax to fix it because Jax is a mechanic.

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Sara catches Rip reminiscing about his family.  She tells Rip that her training with Ra’s al Ghul taught her that if you can’t kill your enemy, you should try and slow him down.  Sara figures out that the source of Vandal’s power must be his money.  If they’re able to drain his finances, they can set Vandal’s plan back by a few decades.  The two try to locate Vandal’s bank account in 1975.

Ray comes up with a plan to vaporize the dagger pieces that are still inside of Kendra.  Martin is against it because it seems too risky.  The two then get into an argument of whether Martin ever remembered Ray as his student.

Gideon gives Rip an update that Vandal’s money is entrusted by the Blumberg Bank.  Sara insists on going.  Leonard and Mick overhear this conversation and now want in on the action.  Mick tries to threaten his way in, but Leonard breaks it up.  Little did they know, Leonard used the opportunity to pick-pocket a device from Rip.

At the med bay, Ray shrinks down to microscopic size and is injected into Kendra.  He’s able to successfully vaporize a piece of the dagger, but a larger piece hits him and damages his suit.  He quickly retreats and flies out.

Rip and Sara arrive at the bank.   At first, they’re denied a deposit because they don’t have at least $10 million.  Rip then shows the receptionist antique coins that are actually worth $10 million each.  Rip gets a meeting with the manager, who then quickly goes off to get them set up.  As Rip tries to access the manager’s computer, Sara has already caught on that everyone who works at the bank is a mercenary working for Vandal.  A fight erupts with Sara’s bloodlust almost taking over.  Rip stops Sara right before she’s about to kill the manager.

On the Waverider, Sara tells Rip that when she was resurrected, she came back with a bloodlust and that she’s a monster.

Leonard and Mick hop on board the jumpship and try to convince Jax to take them to Central City.  Reluctant at first, Leonard entices Jax with the device he stole from Rip, knowing that Jax loves to push the limits of machines.

As Ray fixes his suit, Martin tries to convince him to try again.  Ray is afraid of hurting Kendra.  Martin tries to dig deeper into Ray’s fears, but Ray keeps silent.

Rip interrogates the bank manager, who’s known as Mr. Blake.  Mr. Blake, though, knows Rip by another name because Vandal had talked about an invader who tried to kill him thousands of years ago (the prologue scene).  Mr. Blake tells Rip that the most valuable thing to Vandal isn’t money, it’s something called the “vessel.”  Sara overhears this and asks Rip what Mr. Blake meant.  Rip tells Sara that he had traveled back in time before and couldn’t bring himself to kill Vandal.  Rip calls himself a monster for not avenging his family’s death.

In 1975 Central City, Leonard steals the emerald from the museum.

Rip asks Mr. Blake about the vessel.  Mr. Blake tells Rip about a gathering that will happen tonight.  It’s soon revealed that the vessel is the body of Carter Hall.  Rip wants to retrieve the body of Carter so that it isn’t further desecrated.  Sara thinks that Rip should gather the whole team for this mission.

Back on the jumpship, Leonard tells Jax to take him to a specific address — the home Leonard grew up in.  Leonard plans to give his father the emerald so that his father doesn’t end up going to jail for unsuccessfully attempting to steal it.

Martin tells Ray the story of a student who was able to solve a difficult theorem in less than an hour.  That student was Ray.  Martin didn’t want to acknowledge remembering Ray because the experience made him feel inferior.  Ray finally opens up and tells Martin that he wasn’t able to save his fiance from dying.  He built the A.T.O.M. suit because he never wanted to feel powerless again.  When the suit became damaged, he panicked.  Martin tells Ray that he believes in him.

Mr. Blake gets Sara and Rip through the mansion gates.  Before entering the mansion, Sara knocks Mr. Blake out and they lock him in the trunk.

Leonard arrives at his childhood home.  He finds his younger self and tells the child to never let anyone hurt him.  The younger version of Leonard’s father surprises him when he cocks a gun.  Leonard gives his father the emerald and tells him about knowing his plans to steal it, which will land him in jail for five years.  He tells his father that the only reason he’s not killing him now is because he hasn’t abused his family, and his sister hasn’t been born yet.

Back on the jumpship, Leonard tells Jax and Mick that his father only started to beat them after his stint in prison.

As Sara and Rip dance at the party, Rip tells Sara that he doesn’t see her as a monster.  He tells her that she needs to find a way to go on, just like when he lost his wife and son.  Keeping up with the mission, Rip and Sara approach two guards at a doorway and take them out.  Entering the room, they discover Carter’s body.  The two are quickly surprised by one of Vandal’s loyal followers, with Mr. Blake emerging.

Ray is back to microscopic size, blasting away the dagger fragments that are inside Kendra.  As Ray successfully finishes, he exits.  Ray confronts Martin and tells him that he knows Martin lied about remembering him because he solved the theorem two years after taking Martin’s class.  Martin admits that he had to motivate Ray somehow.

At the mansion, Rip and Sara ask what the followers intend to do with Carter’s body.  Vandal greets them and then slits Carter’s throat, collecting his blood in a cup.  By giving his followers Carter’s blood, they will be able to live hundreds of years.

Back at the med bay, Kendra starts to call out Carter’s name.  She finally calls out the location of Carter’s body.  Martin asks Gideon to search for the location.

Vandal is curious as to why Rip wants to kill him.  He retrieves Rip’s pocketwatch which contains a picture of his wife and son.  Vandal claims not to remember killing them.

On the jumpship, Gideon is patched through where she tells the team that Rip and Sara are in trouble.

As Vandal makes a dramatic speech about being a god, Jax, Leonard, and Mick attack.  The team goes into action, fighting Vandal’s followers and retrieving Carter’s body.  Sara fights Mr. Blake and gets the upper hand.  Rip chases after Vandal and fights him.  Before slitting Vandal’s throat, Rip tells him the names of his wife and son.  Vandal taunts him and tells him that he now knows who he should kill in the future.

As Rip prepares to leave, he sees Sara over Mr. Blake, stabbing ferociously.  It’s quickly revealed that Mr. Blake is alive and that Sara was taking her rage out on the floor.

On the Waverider, Rip has Gideon check the timeline — nothing has changed.  Leonard asks Gideon specifically about his own part of the timeline.  It turns out that Leonard’s father gets arrested two days later when he tries to sell the emerald to an undercover police officer.  His father still ends up going to prison for five years.

The team holds a funeral for Carter.  Rip tells the team that he tried to prepare an inspiring speech, but discovered that the team are the ones who inspire him.

Rip wants the the team to know that in order to stop Vandal, everyone needs to be committed.  Leonard tells Rip that if he doesn’t abandon them, they won’t abandon him.  With Gideon calculating a high likelihood that Vandal will reappear in 1986, Rip plots a course for that time period.

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Legendary Moment(s): Okay, I’m going to pull back just a bit here.  We all know that Legends of Tomorrow is a show that has phenomenally choreographed fight scenes.  That’s a given.  I think tonight’s stand-out moments have to do with the slower emotional character scenes: Sara telling Rip that she’s a monster; Martin trying to motivate an uncertain Ray; and Leonard trying to fix his family.  These were such golden moments that I just have to mention them.

Thoughts for Tomorrow: I had a quick thought, and it’s totally one of those things where I’ll be screaming “I told you so!” in a few episodes.  I have a feeling that they won’t use the dagger to kill Vandal.  Remember the stray pieces of the dagger that were vaporized inside of Kendra?  What if they somehow mixed with her blood?  Could Kendra now become the weapon that can kill him?  Hey, it’s a comic book show, that type of stuff happens all the time.