Marvel Avengers Academy Brings Young Heroes, Stellar Voice Cast To Mobile


Avengers assemble, outside your dorm! Despite not having read every Avengers comic ever, I’m fairly confident those words have never been uttered before. Now they might, because TinyCo’s Marvel Avengers Academy is now live on iOS and Android, turning Earth’s Mightiest Heroes into teens and sending them to college together.

With the likes of young Iron Man, Wasp, Black Widow and Loki (wait a minute …) all attending the same school, something’s obviously not right. As you send the Avengers and some of their villains on missions around campus under the guidance of Nick Fury and Pepper Potts, you’ll be unraveling a narrative that suggests that everything isn’t as it seems. Might the Avengers have been de-aged from their more familiar adult forms? And why are so many areas of the campus shrouded by what the precocious Tony Stark is calling a “time fog?”

Building the best superhero school ever and attracting more students is the best way to figure it all out, helping the young Avengers balance things like classes, combat training and social activities. That’s why the buildings you construct include not only Stark Tower and Hank Pym’s lab, but also Club A, a place where Loki can show the world how Asgardians destroy the dance floor. Not literally, in this case.

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“Whether you’re voting Cap for class president, fan-girling out with Ms. Marvel, or going on a date with Loki, you’re going to have a blast at Marvel Avengers Academy,” Marvel Games Creative Director Bill Rosemann said in a press release. “By embracing everything we all love about Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and giving them a fresh spin,  we’ve reimagined fan and cult faves alike as powerful and complex young adults with that magic mix of action, drama and romance that is Marvel. By digging deep into the Marvel vault to celebrate all things Avengers, we’ve created an exciting, mysterious and vibrant campus, complete with an ever-expanding roster of students, faculty, backstory and secrets. Class is in session … do you have what it takes to become an Avenger?”

Marvel Avengers Academy also features a stellar voice cast with well-known names from TV and pop culture. Some of the characters and the people who bring them to life include:

  • Colton Haynes as Thor
  • John Cena as Hulk
  • Dave Franco as Iron Man
  • Alison Brie as Black Widow
  • Alexandra Daddario as Wasp
  • Priyanka Chopra as Ms. Marvel
  • Bella Thorne as Tigra
  • A$AP Rocky as Falcon
  • Kiernan Shipka as Spider-Woman

Even if mobile games aren’t usually your thing, you have to admit that this is an intriguing enough idea to check it out. You can do that now by hitting the App Store or Google Play and downloading Marvel Avengers Academy for free. Good luck trying to get Tony and Jan to do their homework!