Gotham: See Mr. Freeze In His Cold Suit!


See some up close pics of Mr. Freeze actor Nathan Darrow in his cold suit on the set of Gotham!

Can you feel it Gothamites? That icy chill in the air? A deep freeze is coming to Gotham in the form of Mr. Freeze. And we’ve finally got some good looks of what actor Nathan Darrow looks like in Mr. Freeze’s iconic cold suit!

These pics are pretty important, because while we have had a few quick glimpses of Mr. Freeze coming to Gotham thus far, he looked more like a Captain Cold wannabe than the iconic Batman foe with a heart of ice. We weren’t even really sure he had a cold suit until now. It is missing that trademark bubble dome helmet, but otherwise I think it looks pretty cool (no pun intended). Take a look at some pics of Mr. Freeze from the set of Gotham below:

So it looks like Mr. Freeze is coming intact to Gotham, tragic backstory and all. Though Gotham is definitely known for defying not only expectations but canon, so it will be interesting to see what, if any twists they put on his origin.

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So if we are going by what we’ve seen of Gotham stories so far, when Gotham returns Mr. Freeze will already be fully formed and wreaking icy havoc on the city because he was already there in the first chapter. This most likely means his origin story will be told in flashback, whether it be scenes spread across several episodes , or maybe just one big flashback episode down the line. Gotham returns with all new episodes on Fox February 29th!

h/t CBM