Don’t Expect To See Arkham Knight On Mac or Linux


The Mac & Linux versions of Arkham Knight have officially been canceled

Arkham Knight was one of the top console games of last year. However, if you’ve been paying attention, you know that the PC port was a complete mess. To the point where it was pulled from sale for months, only to be seemingly re-released with the closest thing they could get to an up and running game, but it clearly wasn’t close enough as full refunds were offered for anybody who had bought the game or did buy it over the next several weeks after it came back on Steam. Warner Bros. was literally saying it’s such a crapshoot of the game even working that if your copy managed to run fine (which some did) you could’ve beaten the game and still gotten a full refund on the product. They continue to supposedly work on fixing it to this day, but obviously it’s not a top priority as everyone onvolved has moved onto their next project.

So then it should come to no surprise that the Mac & Linux versions of Arkham Knight, originally announced last year have been canceled. If you pre-ordered either version on Steam, you can get a full refund. I’ll take a wild guess that the heavily rumored GOTY edition of Arkham Knight won’t be seeing release on either of these platforms as well.

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Well, I guess better to cancel something that is clearly on fire than to just shove it out the door on some unsuspecting gamers who don’t necessarily follow gaming news that regularly. Still a real shame that only console gamers got the full experience of Arkham Knight. It’s most likely the last Arkham game (unless Warner Bros. shoves another out the door with a different developer, but I hope they are smarter than that. And while I had some issues with it, it was still a really good Batman game. Let’s at least hope Warner Bros. has learned from this and it will affect how they handle PC and other ports in the future.

h/t Engadget