First Batman v Superman Comic Variant Cover Revealed


A bunch of DC comics in March are getting Batman v Superman variants!

Batman v Superman is getting closer and closer with each passing day. And what better way for DC to get comic book fans really hyped for it than by putting out a bunch of special Batman v Superman variant covers in March!

There will be 10 DC comic book series that will get the Batman v Superman variant treatment, here is the full list and when they will be released:

"3/2: Detective Comics #50 (variant by Rafael Grampa)3/9: Action Comics #50 (variant by Martin Ansin)3/9: Batman/Superman #30 (variant by Kevin Maguire)3/16: Robin Son of Batman #10 (variant by Ryan Ottley)3/16: Superman #50 (variant by Kaare Andrews)3/23: Batman #50 (variant by Chris Daughtry and Jim Lee)3/23: Grayson #18 (variant by Stephen Platt)3/23: Superman/Wonder Woman #27 (variant by Charlie Adlard)3/23: Wonder Woman #50 (variant by Massimo Carnevale)3/30: Batgirl #50 (variant by Kevin Nowlan)"

I’m honestly surprised they showed this much restraint honestly. It’s only 10 titles, all at least tangentially connected to main characters of Batman v Superman in some form (either starring one of the heroes in the film or one of Batman’s former proteges). DC released an image of the first variant cover, Detective Comics #50, which you can see in the featured image. Each variant will have, well it’s own variants, as there will be three versions of each cover, you can see the other two versions of Detective Comics #50 below:

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Each version of the Batman v Superman variant covers will be released in equal number, so no need to worry that any one in particular is going to be super rare and hard to find. Batman v Superman opens in theaters March 25th.

h/t CBR