Good Morning America Having Batman v Superman Event Next Monday


A “giant” Batman v Superman event is happening on ABC’s morning show, Good Morning America

Want to start your morning with a good old dose of Batman v Superman? Well you are in luck as apparently, Batman v Superman is going to be featured heavily on an episode of next week’s Good Morning America!

We have no idea yet what this entails, but Good Morning America is teasing it as a giant event, so look for it to take up a significant portion of the program, possibly even most of the full two hours. This will be next Monday, February 15th starting at GMA’s usual start time, which is 7 a.m. Eastern Time (right after Deadpool’s opening weekend). Obviously expect members of the cast and crew to show up, along with the show probably delving into the shared history of both Batman and Superman along with talking about the movie kicking off the DC Cinematic Universe. Also expect that new trailer that was recently classified to be shown during this event. That’s not official, but what better time to debut it?

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Now the only odd thing about this is Batman v Superman special is that it’s on Good Morning America. On ABC. OWNED BY DISNEY. OWNER OF MARVEL. I mean hey it’s great to know Disney isn’t all petty about this kind of stuff but wouldn’t this make more sense on a network Warner Bros. owns some part of? I mean, they just did a special on CW, but CBS, which is in part owned by Warner Bros. has TWO morning shows (CBS Sunday & CBS This Morning). But then again, given the median age of the average CBS watcher, maybe this is the wiser move. Once again the Batman v Superman Good Morning America episode airs next Monday, February 15th at 7am Eastern time and the actual movie opens in theaters March 25th.