Margot Robbie Appearing On Colbert Post-Superbowl Special


Suicide Squad star Margot Robbie will make an appearance on the post-Superbowl Stephen Colbert special

The Superbowl is going on right now as I type this, and I’m sure many of you are enjoying the game and all the cool ads. But also important is the post Superbowl programming, and Stephen Colbert has a post-Superbowl special that will feature many big star including Will Ferrel, Tina Fey and Suicide Squad star Margot Robbie!

The Late Show with Stephen ColbertSuper Bowl 50 special will broadcast live immediately following Super Bowl 50 on Sunday, February 7 at approximately sometime between 10:00-11:00 PM ET. Will Margot Robbie talk at all about her upcoming history-making role as the first big screen appearance of Harley Quinn? Stephen Colbert is a pretty huge nerd so he probably will at least ask her about it.

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However, while Margot Robbie might talk about Suicide Squad, don’t expect a new trailer or clip or anything along those lines, the movie isn’t out for 6 more months, and Margot Robbie has two other high profile films coming out before that. Specifically, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, which she co-stars in with Tina Fey and they will be appearing together on the Colbert special to report. And after that, she’s got in new version of Tarzan coming out, which frankly, will probably be awful, but we can’t pretend it’s anything but awesome until it actually comes out! Anyways catch Margot Robbie tonight on the Stephen Colbert post-Superbowl special later tonight and in several movies this year including as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad in movie theaters August 5th!