Gotham Stories Chapter 2 Premieres


Watch Chapter 2 of the Gotham Stories motion comic, “Mr. Freeze Targets Penguin”!

The second chapter of the motion comic Gotham Stories premiered today.  Set in between episodes 11 and 12 of the Gotham TV series, Gotham Stories is a five-chapter series written by Rebecca Cutter, Bart Montgomery, and Tony Bedard, with artwork by Matt Haley.  It is airing on Mondays leading up to Gotham’s winter premiere on the IGN website, and 30-second versions of each chapter are being shown during episodes of FOX’s The X-Files at night.

Chapter 2 is titled “Mr. Freeze Targets Penguin”, and you can give it a watch on the IGN website here.  When we left off last week, the slaughterhouse that Penguin had his followers cooped-up in had been compromised by Mr. Freeze.  Based on the title, you can imagine how this next part begins.  Mr. Freeze takes out Penguin’s followers with ease using his freeze gun, and Penguin and Selina Kyle are the only ones to escape.  Selina leaves Penguin behind after they get out of the building, so I presume he will have to confront Mr. Freeze in Chapter 3.

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“Mr. Freeze Targets Penguin” is pretty good.  The best part is hearing the Gotham voice actors in their respective roles again, because it’s been so long since we last saw them on the show.  I enjoyed the crafty acrobatics Selina does to dodge the freeze rays, but the way the freeze rays themselves are executed leaves something to be desired.  The sound effects sounds like a short blasts, and then you just see the victims encased in ice.  The ice should progressively freeze over the victims, rather than hit them in one burst.  I’ll give Chapter 2 nine batarangs out of 10.  Let me know your thoughts on the new chapter in the comments, and be sure to keep it locked to Caped Crusades for continuing coverage of Gotham and for all your Batman news!