The Flash Just Totally Set Up The Supergirl Crossover


Note: This article contains minor but still cool spoilers from The Flash Season 2, episode 13, “Welcome to Earth-2.” Watch that first or read our recap and then come back here so we can geek out together!

When it was first confirmed that The Flash/Supergirl crossover was a go, one of the first things we found out was that it would take place only on one episode of Supergirl. Despite that fact, we has a strong supicion that The Flash would help to set it up in some way, implying that the two series were in the same multiverse if not the same universe.

This week’s episode. “Welcome to Earth-2,” provided the evidence we were anticipating. While Barry Allen, Cisco Ramon and Harry Wells were in the space between worlds, they got glimpses of other places. One was the 90s version of The Flash, played by John Wesley Shipp — who now plays Henry Allen, Barry’s dad, on the current show.

The other, even more obvious vision was of the CBS Supergirl herself. That links the Arrowverse and Supergirl while also more or less cementing the idea that they aren’t set on the same Earth.

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What still remains to be seen is how Barry ends up visiting another parallel world that isn’t Earth-2. All 52 of the portals on The Flash led to the same place, and all but one of them are now closed. What’s going to happen to open up the rest of the multiverse? That’s a query with an answer that’s still ahead of us, but however more breaches end up forming, you can be certain that one of them will lead to National City.