The Flash: Pied Piper To Make Season 2 Return


Pied Piper is one of the classic Rogues, and Barry Allen ran into him during Season 1 of The Flash. The Fastest Man Alive was able to vanquish Hartley Rathaway with some help from his friends (and one foe, Eobard Thawne, still pretending to be Harrison Wells at the time), but he might not be so lucky in Season 2 when the two cross paths again, even if it’s before they originally met.

That might sound confusing, but regular fans of the show know it’s not that strange at all. Entertainment Weekly reports that Andy Mientus will reprise his role as Pied Piper in episode 17 of Season 2, which is titled “Flash Back.” Appropriately, EW says the Barry will encounter Hartley “when The Flash impossibly revisits an earlier timeline.”

Barry hasn’t been taking his ability to travel back in time lightly thanks to he consequences he discovered the first time he broke the time barrier in Season 1. That trip saved Central City from a tidal wave whipped up by Weather Wizard but had unforeseen ripple effects that included the undoing of Barry and Iris West expressing their true feelings for each other.

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(Then again, it also kept Cisco Ramon from being killed by Thawne, so we’ll call that a big net positive.)

The second Flash/Arrow crossover required another trip back in time after the first attempt to stop Vandal Savage ended in disaster. It would likely take another calamity of similar proportions to get Barry to travel to the past again, but maybe it won’t be intentional. Summoning the speed necessary to keep up with Zoom, for example, might catapult him through time whether he likes it or not.

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Regardless, it will be nice to see Mientus again, since he’s the rare villain on the series that can match wits with the S.T.A.R. Labs team on an intellectual level, and that’s without his self-designed sonic weapons. Listen for the return of the Pied Piper in “Flash Back,” which should air sometime in March.