Scott Snyder Leaving After Batman #51


Scott Snyder Leaves the main Batman title after a couple more issues in April and talks coyly about his future plans

Well, we knew Scott Snyder was leaving as writer of the main Batman comic soon, we just didn’t think it would be this soon. Scott Snyder is officially off Batman after issue #51 in April. That’s right after Batman v Superman opens and really just enough time to re-asser Bruce Wayne in his role as the real Batman after Jim Gordon has been filling in as the protector of Gotham for the last 8 or so months.

Of course that leaves the question of what is Scott Snyder’s next project. We know he is teaming up with Batman collaborator Greg Capullo in the near future on a very hush-hush project. But it’s also been heavily rumored that he will still be writing Batman and moving to Detective Comics, which is still Batman title, just a secondary one, which reportedly would give him more freedom. Scott Snyder was pretty coy about what exactly he’s working on next:

"There’s a lot of rumors, but I’m still figuring it out, to be honest. I’m proud of what Greg has been able to do and what I’ve been able to do with him. I’m trying to focus on [finishing the Batman run] right now and not worry about what happens next."

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Not a confirmation that Scott Snyder will still be working on Batman in some fashion, but certainly not a denial either. I’m certainly for Scott Snyder continuing to write Batman as long as he’s got really cool ideas for stories. We here at Caped Crusades will of course keep you updated if and when an announcement is made about what Scott Snyder’s next writing gig is on, Batman or otherwise.