The Flash: Welcome To Earth-2 Highest Rated Season 2 Episode


Seeing other parts of the multiverse on The Flash has proven to a popular hook. This week’s new episode, “Welcome to Earth-2,” saw Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon join Harry Wells in going through the proverbial looking glass to an alternate Earth, and fans responded by tuning in.

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The Hollywood Reporter tells us exactly how many people were watching, reporting that “Welcome to Earth-2” was the highest-rated episode of Season 2. The Flash managed to snag a 1.6 rating among the all important 18-49 demographic, its best showing since the Season 1 crossover episode with Arrow, “Flash vs. Arrow.”

The total number of viewers for “Welcome to Earth-2” was also a season high at 3.974 million. The Flash had been averaging a 1.40 rating in the demo and 3.6 million viewers prior to this week, according to TV Series Finale.

It’s great to see the series thrive without having to rely on crossover episodes to pump up its ratings, and the specific events of this episode bringing viewers to the party suggests that continuing to mine Earth-2 for stories wouldn’t be a bad idea. Despite the Flash and his friends closing all but one of the 52 breaches between worlds, we know for sure that we’ll get another dose next week considering both the cliffhanger ending we got and the fact that the next episode is called “Escape From Earth-2.”

And then there’s that Supergirl crossover coming up next month …

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Alas, that won’t have a direct effect on The Flash as it will only take place on CBS. The point is that the multiverse is fun, and twisted versions of familiar characters are even more fun. The ratings bear that out.