Gotham: Azrael Is Still Coming


The Order of St. Dumas has not forgotten about their failure in Gotham

You think the Order Of St. Dumas is done with Gotham just because Theo Galavan is dead? You’d be dead wrong, as their warrior of vengeance Azrael is still slated to appear before season two is done!

While he didn’t make an appearance in the first half of season two, Gotham EP John Stephens talked about both the Order Of St. Dumas and Azrael in a recent interview with

"They don’t just go away. They stick around!They’re very stubborn.In many respects, Azrael will have many of the hallmarks and traits that we know from the comics. But it will have a brand-new twist upon that character; the way we’re going to bring that character into being on our show will be different than anything we’ve seen in the comics."

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Well Gotham is certainly known or introducing classic characters with their own unique take on them, so that’s hardly a surprise. Surely Azrael is coming to Gotham to finish the job of killing young Bruce Wayne, but the real question is if Bruce will have all the help he had before. Gordon may be busy with all the new and old villains running around, and Tabitha Galavan & Silver St. Cloud have gone underground. Of course he’ll still at least have Alfred & Selina (and possibly Lucius Fox) to back him up. How will Gotham handle all these villains being thrown at it all at the same time? Find out when Gotham returns February 29th on Fox!