DC Collectibles Announces New Line Of Harley Quinn Figures


A new line of Harley Quinn figures based on the artwork of Amanda Connor is coming our way!

Harley Quinn is one of the most popular DC characters and arguably the most popular female character in comics right now. She’s about to get even bigger when Suicide Squad releases in just about 6 months, so of course DC Collectibles is capitalizing on that in some awesome ways in including a whole new line of Harley Quinn action figures!

The first wave of these are all based on art by the awesome Amanda Connor, who has drawn not only Harley Quinn, but whose work has been featured in many, many comics since the late 80s. You can see one of the figures, “Christmas Harley in the featured pic above. There are several others-Classic Harley, Superhero Harley & Retro Rocket Harley, which you can see below.

Speaking to Vulture, Amanda Connor seemed very excited about these new Harley Quinn figures:

"Seeing my designs, and the many different personalities of Harley Quinn, brought to life as action figures is simultaneously thrilling and humbling (if that’s even possible). This toy line adds a whole new level of wacky, wonderful insanity to the Harley world, and the fans are going to love it!"

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No word on pricing for these figures, but it will be a bit of a wait as they are not scheduled to release until October of this year. Odds are they will be worth it, and hopefully we’ll still be riding high off awesome Suicide Squad and Harley Quinn hype in that time.