Legends Of Tomorrow Recap And Review – S01E04 – “White Knights”


Episode Four, “White Knights”, of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow has the team going to 1986 Soviet Union in their hunt for Vandal Savage.  Quarreling among the group leads to various mission failures which fragment the team.

Legendary Recap: The Waverider arrives in 1986 Washington DC.  Gideon presents the team a telefax, but most of the file on Vandal Savage has been redacted.  The team will need to break into the Pentagon to find a file which shows the exact location of Vandal.

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Ray and Leonard pose as janitors.  Using his skills, Leonard is able to pick-pocket a passing female soldier and take her keycard.  He quickly hands it off to Sara, who’s in disguise.  She uses it to enter the records room and retrieves the required file.  The team then creates a diversion to get Sara and Kendra out safely.  When Jax doesn’t listen to Martin’s suggestions, a circuit breaker malfunctions.

As Sara and Kendra try to make their way out, they’re stopped by soldiers.  A fight ensues and Kendra loses control, clawing widly at one of the soldiers.  Rip aborts the mission and Firestorm swoops down to carry Kendra back onto the Waverider.

On the ship, Rip is disappointed at the team’s performance.  The individual members blame each other and a fierce argument breaks out.

Gideon tells the team that their identities are safe because she used an electromagnetic pulse to erase everything.  According to the stolen Pentagon files, Vandal is located in the Soviet Union.  They set a course to the new location.

As the Waverider crosses into Soviet airspace, they’re attacked by Chronos.  Rip purposely attracts the attention of the Soviet Airforce, causing them to fire their rockets.  Rip turns the Waverider’s engines off just in time, but crash lands.  The rockets hit Chronos instead.

Martin discovers that Vandal is working on a project called Operation Svarog – named after a Slavic fire god.  One of the scientists working on the project is named Valentina Vostok.  Ray plans to approach her as a fellow scientist at the ballet.

Sara tells Rip about Kendra’s losing control at the Pentagon.  To Sara’s protest, Rip suggests that she help Kendra in bringing her warrior side under control.

Gideon detects an anomaly right outside of Moscow.  Rip thinks that it’s likely Chronos.  Mick tags along to investigate.

Outside of the ballet, Ray approaches Vostok pretending to want to fund her research.  She brushes him off.  Leonard quickly moves in and Volstok asks him to walk her home.

In the woods, Rip and Mick run into Druce, a Time Master who was Rip’s mentor.  Druce tells Rip that Chronos was killed in the crash and that the Time Masters are prepared to make a deal.  They’re ready to dismiss all the charges if he stops this crusade.  Rip wants to think about it so Druce gives him one hour.  Mick overhears everything and tells Rip that Druce is probably setting him up to be executed.

Sara and Kendra spar.  As the fight intensifies, Kendra’s warrior side takes over and attacks with full force.  Though Sara is overpowered at first, her bloodlust takes over and she temporarily loses control.

At the end of their walk, Volstok invites Leonard upstairs, but he turns her down.  She gives him a goodnight kiss and leaves.  Leonard reveals to Ray, who had been following them, that he had stolen her keycard while she was distracted.

On the Waverider, Rip tells Jax and Martin that if he agrees to Druce’s terms then the Time Masters will attempt to clean up the mess they’ve made.  Rip is regretful and didn’t know how dangerous their mission was going to eventually be.

Rip meets Druce in the woods and discovers that Mick was right all along.  Chronos is alive and holds a gun to Rip’s head, ready to execute him.  However, Rip came prepared, and Firestorm and Mick attack.  Jax, not listening to Martin, attacks Chronos head-on.  The blast from Chronos’s grenade separates Firestorm, and Jax is critically injured.

Arriving on the Waverider, Jax and Martin engage in an intense argument with Martin telling Jax that he needs to grow up and accept the fact they need to save the world.  As Jax leaves, Martin is regretful for the things he said.  Martin wants Jax to listen to him because he feels responsible for Jax’s safety and doesn’t want to lose another person.

When Rip asks Kendra how her training with Sara went, it’s revealed that Rip purposely put the two together.  He knew that the two could learn from each other because both individuals needed to understand control.

Kendra finds Sara and urges her to continue their training.  Reluctant at first, Kendra talks Sara into another sparring match.

The Waverider approaches Vostok’s lab.  Seeing no other options, Martin embarks on the mission alone.  He uses fake credentials and gains access as an inspector.  Entering a secret room with Vostok’s stolen keycard, Martin discovers that Vandal is attempting to create another Firestorm being.

Martin later discovers a thermacore and tells the team that he won’t leave until the object is safe and in his possession.  Being the only one who can remove it, Martin tells Leonard and Ray to worry about shutting down the core so he can access the thermacore.

Ray and Leonard see Vostok in the distance.  Ray wants to save Vostok, knowing that if Vandal finds out that she failed, he’ll kill her.  After a brief argument, Leonard goes off to save Vostok.  He soon discovers that Vostok is well-aware of Vandal and is actually partnered with him.  Holding Leonard at gunpoint, Vostok forces Ray to reengage the core.  At that point, Martin tests his own abilities and is able to absorb the thermacore’s energy and retrieve it.

A weakened Martin is quickly apprehended by Vostok’s guards.  Mick attempts to rescue the team, but is apprehended.  Leonard requests backup, but Rip can’t afford to risk the rest of the team.  Ray is finally knocked out and also taken.

Back on the Waverider, an angry Leonard threatens Rip.  After calming Leonard down, Rip promises that they will find a way to retrieve the rest of the team.

At a gulag, Martin, Ray, and Mick are held prisoner.  Volstok forces Martin to help her in recreating Firestorm’s powers.  If he doesn’t cooperate, his friends will die.

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Legendary Moment(s): The team’s fight with Time Master Druce and Chronos.  Though it ended tragically, the fight still had some amazing effects.

Thoughts for Tomorrow: Does Vandal Savage want to create another Firestorm, or does he actually want to embody the power of Firestorm?