New Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad & Man Of Steel Figures!


DC has revealed a new wave of figures based on Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad and Man Of Steel

It seems lie almost daily we are getting new DC figures, so it should be no surprise that DC has revealed a new line of figures based on their DC cinematic universe movies coming this year, Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, but also Man Of Steel.

The figures revealed so far are Superman, Batman in his power armor, Jor El, Faora, Zod, El Diablo, Harley Quinn, Lex Luthor and Wonder Woman. You can see pics of the figures below:

Unfortunately this is literally all the info we have on these figures at the moment. No news of release date or a price. Though given most of these figures look more like the kind kids would play with rather than the kind adults display, I doubt the price would be that high. I also would expect more to be revealed shortly, as there is no way the only Suicide Squad figures being released are Harley Quinn and El Diablo.

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Now the odd thing here is the Man of Steel figures, at best it’s a divisive film, and pretty sure they couldn’t move anything but Superman off the shelves because well, bad movie or not he’s still Superman. Sure, have Superman, but he hasn’t changed his look in Batman v Superman, and while Zod might technically be in Batman v Superman, it won’t be as Zod. Faora makes even less sense, as a secondary forgettable character who might be known better to comic fans, but less so to anyone else. We’ll bring you more updates on these and other figures as we find them.