Batgirl Gets DC Icons Figure


Batgirl of Burnside is getting her own DC Icons Figure

Batgirl got a great re-design last year with her “Batgirl of Burnside” look (also a great comic to check out if you haven’t yet), and now she’s getting a DC Icons figure to represent that!

Batgirl is just one of a host of DC characters getting new DC Icons characters. The list also includes Darkseid, Swamp Thing, Wonder Woman, and Deathstroke along with two “accessory packs” one which has Bat-mite and the other has Green Lantern member Chi’P (that’d be the squirrel). Check out pictures and details of all the characters and accessory packs below:

The Cyborg, Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing and Deathstroke DC Icons figures will all come out in September for $28. Batgirl hits a month later in October, and will be more than double at $60. Why? I guess it’s because she’s the only one that comes with a vehicle of some sort, though whether that justifies paying more than double the price of any of the single figures alone is pretty debatable.

But then Darkseid is by far the most expensive of the DC Icons figures at $100. Granted, a 12 inches he’s double the size of any of he other figures and comes with another 6-inch figure, his daughter Grail (she’s a pretty new character). Again, whether or not that is worth $100 seems incredibly debatable.

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But actually the accessory packs seem like the biggest way to push customers to buy extra stuff they probably don’t want. I’d love a Bat-mite figure that comes with a ton of Batman accessories, that makes sense right? Well, that’s not how these are packaged. Sure Bat-mite comes with a couple like Harley Quinn’s Bat and Pie Bomb, but if you want Joker’s Laughing Fish or a couple of Batarangs, you have to get the Chi’p pack. Lame. Also, some of the stuff they come with is just so utterly random (Jay Garrick’s helmet? Green Arrow’s trick arrows? Starrow Face Huggers?) it’s like they literally just grabbed the most random stuff from a pile of accessories and threw it in a bag. But most of these (especially Batgirl) DC Icons figures look pretty cool so be on the lookout for them late this year.

h/t Robot 6