Warner Bros. Scared Of Batman v Superman?


Batman v Superman is reportedly not getting the reaction Warner Bros. has hoped for thus far

What if Batman v Superman doesn’t live up to expectations? I’m not even saying critical or fan expectations, but simply put, this movie is carrying the future of the DC movie Universe on its shoulders. If it doesn’t do well enough, that may require a hard pivot to right the DC movie universe ship so that we even get to a Green Lantern Corp movie or an Cyborg movie much less a Justice League film.

And that’s exactly what Drew McWeeny & Roth Cornet of Hitfix talked about recently. McWeeny claims that Warner Bros. has let some people see Batman v Superman in early screenings, and results are not what they were hoping for. People reportedly like Ben Affleck and Jesse Eisenberg, but that’s the only positives coming out these screenings. McWeeny even says he’d be surprised if Zack Snyder keeps his job on Justice League after Batman v Superman is out. Check out the video of Drew McWeeny & Roth Cornet talking about it below:

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Granted, this is literally rumors and hearsay, but it sounds pretty damn plausible to me. Zack Snyder is not a good director. Man Of Steel was not a good movie. Batman v Superman seems less like a movie than a concept not fully developed into a coherent story. The most damning statement may be McWeeny claiming that the movie NEEDS to gross over a billion dollars if anybody (anybody really meaning Zack Snyder) wants to keep their jobs. Can it happen? There’s certainly precedent with plenty of comic book films crossing the billion dollar mark, but most of those also had pretty high critical raise along with previous films to build them up. Batman v Superman seems like it’s already poised to be a pretty divisive film, so while it could easily gross say $700-$800 million, that still may not be enough.

I mean Deadpool is projected to make about $110 million in it’s opening weekend. I saw it, it’s great, but it’s also an R-rated movie dumped out in February about a character who is super popular on the internet, but still pretty obscure. If Batman v Superman, a Pg-13 movie in Spring about two of the best known and most popular heroes in comics doesn’t at least double that, it’s probably a failure. I’m sure Warner Bros. is waiting with baited breath to see how the weekend of March 25th turns out.