Batman v Superman: Is This Lex Luthor’s Fate?


What is Lex Luthor’s fate in Batman v Superman? An action figure may contain the answer

We know Lex Luthor is going to go bald in Batman v Superman, that was one of the earliest images we saw of Jesse Eisenberg as the villainous billionaire. But what else in store for the Man Of Steel’s arch nemesis? An action figure from the recent New York Toy Fair may contain the answer.

There were lots and lots of toys on display at this year’s New York Toy Fair, and not surprisingly, Batman v Superman was a huge part of it (as well as DC toys in general). While most of the toys may have led to some speculation about things like who might survive the upcoming Suicide Squad film, one action figure in particular may have inadvertently revealed the fate of one Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman.

Spoiler Warning, do not look at the picture below if you don’t want to know the possible fate of Luthor in the movie. You have been warned:

That is a bald Lex Luthor in chains and an orange jumpsuit, clearly suggesting that he survives Batman v Superman, but not without being caught and going to prison.

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Granted, this seemed like a likely outcome, but even major supervillains don’t have a high survival rate in comic book movies, so it was plausible that Luthor could’ve been killed off in Batman v Superman (especially if there aren’t any plans for a future solo Superman film). This also fits rumors that Luthor might be making an appearance in Suicide Squad as well. If he’s in the same prison as the rest of the Squad, makes perfect sense. Don’t take this as a sure thing, but most likely Batman v Superman will end with Lex Luthor going to prison. We’ll find out for sure March 25th.

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