DC Rebirth Is Not a Reboot, According To Johns, Lee


We still don’t know exactly what the DC Rebirth due for later this year is all about. But thanks to Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, we at least know what it’s not.

Specifically, DC Rebirth is not a reboot. Continuity is not going to be thrown out the window and started again from scratch, which is a good thing because DC Comics kind of already did that just a few years ago with the New 52.

Not only that, but tweets from two of DC’s top men today revealed that it was never intended to be a reboot.

First Lee sent out this tweet:

A few minutes later, Johns elaborated with one of his own:

Both men tagged DC Comics co-publisher Dan DiDio in their tweets, so perhaps he’ll weigh in with one of his own. At the time of this post, he hadn’t yet.

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So that begs the question that if Rebirth isn’t a reboot, what exactly is it? Smart money says it will be a line-wide relaunch, with some titles ending and others beginning over at #1. There will certainly be some creative team shuffling, lining up the company’s top talent with its most high profile titles.

Could the company actually go back to the status quo prior to Flashpoint? That is, could Rebirth also be a Revert? It’s possible, but not likely. DC has prided itself on pushing forward, and it already gave people a heavy dose of nostalgia last year during Convergence, along with a way for pre-New 52 stories and characters to live on in its current continuity. So there’s no real reason to undo the New 52.

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DC’s most visible top execs seem committed to teasing fans in this manner to drum up interest, and at least for us here at Bam Smack Pow, it’s working. Look to your timelines for more, everyone.