DC’S Rebirth: Don’t Call It A Reboot


Everyone From Jim Lee to Geoff Johns Wants To Let You Know “Rebirth” is Not A Reboot

A few weeks ago, DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee tweeted out the image of “Rebirth” without much any explanation of what it was. So of course speculation ran rampant. People thought “Rebirth” at worst it was yet another reboot of the DC Comics universe, which they had just at least sort of rebooted again with the “Convergence” storyline. At best it was thought that this would be a huge streamlining of DC books, where characters in movies would be the focus, and anyone without a movie or TV show at least  in the works would probably get canceled.

Though not making anything a whole lot clearer on what “Rebirth” actually is, both Jim Lee and Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns clarified on Twitter today that whatever it is, it is not in fact, a reboot:

Johns later promised that they would have much more to say about Rebirth later this week. So what could it be?

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Rebirth could just be some huge mega event that spans the DC comics universe, but honestly while it’s not a reboot it may still be a soft re-launch of sorts, canceling some titles and starting other over at #1 while not enacting any big continuity change. We will just have to wait until later this week to find out more about DC’s Rebirth event, whatever it may be.

h/t Comicbook.com