Samsung Making Batman v Superman Galaxy S7?


Samsung may be making a special Batman v Superman edition of it’s upcoming Galaxy S7 Phone

Special Edition phones based on upcoming films are nothing new, and it seems like Samsung may be the latest to indulge in the trend as they are reportedly making a special edition Batman v Superman version of the their upcoming Galaxy S7 Phone.

Samsung is expected to unveil their latest phone, the Galaxy S7 next Sunday February 21st, but don’ expect the Batman v Superman special edition phone to be announced on that date. The Batman v Superman Galaxy S7 phone will reportedly be one on three limited edition variants, the other two being one based on the 2016 Winter Olympics and the third based on a Korean music act (Samsung is based out of Korea, so that makes perfect sense). The Batman v Superman Galaxy S7 could launch either in March or April, so it may not necessary launch right alongside the release of the movie, which is in theaters March 25th.

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So what will this special edition phone look like? Honestly it might be as simple as having the Batman v Superman symbol on the back or having menus in the color schemes of the film. We really have no idea. As someone who usually doesn’t spend more than $100 on a phone, it probably won’t be worth my while frankly, as these phones tend to start at over $600 for the base model and then ramp way up from there. A limited edition model will will obviously either be more expensive or so scarce you’ll have to pay exorbitant prices on Ebay for it. And obviously if critical reaction to the movie is poor, we’ll see how many people even want one. We’ll update you more on this news as it develops.

h/t Android Authority