Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill Visit Good Morning America


Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill appeared on Good Morning America to talk Batman v Superman!

Actors Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, the DCEU’s Batman and Superman respectively, sat down with Jesse Palmer of Good Morning America on ABC this morning to talk about the upcoming film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  They are really racking up the TV appearances at this point, as the actors also appeared together on the NBA All-Star pre-game show Sunday night, while Affleck has visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! recently as well.  Case in point, we’re getting to hear a lot of chatter from these actors leading up to the film’s release.  Good Morning America released a video of their interview on their official YouTube channel, which you can view below:

Palmer begins by asking Affleck if he got an advice from previous live-action Batman actors, and Affleck had this to say:

"I talked to a couple of people.  I talked to [George] Clooney.  He had some advice which is not repeatable.  And I talked to Christian [Bale], who told me to just make sure I had a zipper in the suit, which was valuable, practical advice as it turned out."

Affleck already told the story about the zipper suggestion on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, but I find it hilarious that he talked to Clooney.  I’d love to hear what that advice was, as long as it was anything other than to emulate Clooney’s performance in Batman and Robin.  Palmer also questioned the actors about the motivation behind the “bad blood” between their characters, which Cavill and Affleck clarified once again.  Among mainstream audiences, I am still hearing some questions about why the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight would be fighting one another since they’re both heroes, so it’s a good thing that this was addressed on a show watched by a wide audience.

The most interesting part of the interview was the discussion of how a fight between a Kryptonian and a human can be fair.  Cavill responded by saying, “It’s not, but we’ve got to make the story interesting,” and Affleck continued by adding, “[Batman] takes advantage of the fact that Superman’s a good guy, basically.  He probably wouldn’t just pull his head off right just at the beginning.”  I wasn’t super thrilled with these answers.  Yes, Superman’s morals are something Batman can take advantage of, but The Dark Knight Returns (in my opinion the greatest Batman comic ever) proves that Batman can prevail over Superman by using his wits, strategy, and technological prowess.  After defeating him, Batman tells Superman that he wants him to remember the one man who beat him, but it feels as if fans are the ones who have forgotten the one man who beat him.

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There were clips interspersed throughout the conversation, but it looked to me like they were all drawn from footage we’ve seen before.  After the interview, Palmer also mentioned that both actors had high praise for Jesse Eisenberg’s performance as Lex Luthor.  Let me know in the comments your opinions on anything Affleck and Cavill had to say.  Be sure to keep it locked to Caped Crusades for continuing coverage of Batman v Superman, which premieres March 25, and for all your Batman news!