Gotham: Mr. Freeze Promo


See Mr. Freeze in action in this new Gotham promo!

It really is almost time Gothamites. We are less than two weeks from the return of Gotham! But I know it has been a long and agonizing wait. So here’s a promo for the mid-season premiere to help tide you over!

This promo for the mid-season premiere, titled “Mr. Freeze”, is appropriately all about Gotham’s iciest villain. He’s been called the first true supervillain on Gotham, and is reportedly the one who will open the door for other full on supervillains. Check out Nathan Darrow as Mr. Freeze in the promo below:

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Now, obviously one thing you’ll notice is Nathan Darrow is not sporting Mr. Freeze’s trademark cold suit. Sure, he’s got the freeze gun, but the cold suit is a really important part of the character for many reasons. But don’t worry too much, my guess is that this is Mr. Freeze in his earliest incarnation. Gordon will stop him, most likely making his freeze gun malfunction or something. Then Victor Fries will become a resident at the mysterious Indian Hill facility, where everyone from Firefly to Theo Galavan and Fish Mooney seem to be guests. Then somewhere down the line, possibly even next season, he’ll turn up in that famous cold suit because now he needs it to survive.

Is my hunch correct? Only one way to find out, and that is by tuning in to Gotham when it returns February 29th on Fox!