Is Joker In Batman v Superman?


The Joker may show up in DC’s ultimate superhero showdown, Batman v Superman!

So a couple of days ago we talked about this French magazine that apparently knew the roles that Scoot McNairy & Jena Malone played in Batman v Superman as well as confirming things we pretty much knew but weren’t confirmed such as Jefferey Dean Morgan playing Thomas Wayne in the film. But that wasn’t all the new info the magazine had to offer.

The magazine in question also claims that The Joker will indeed make an appearance in Batman v Superman. Not surprisingly, he will be appearing in a flashback sequence, and not be a part of the actual plot. There’s several ways such a scene could play out. It could show Joker killing Jason Todd (we have already seen the ruined Robin suit in trailers), crippling Barbara Gordon, who according to the same magazine is the role Jena Malone is playing. It could even show the Joker killing Commissioner Gordon, who is rumored to be dead in the film, which given Batman is much older, makes plenty of sense.

The magazine also claims Callan Mulvey is in Batman v Superman as Anatoli Knyazev, aka the KGBeast. A pretty famous Batman foe, most known for Batman tricking him into being trapped in a sewer where he was presumably left to die (but remember, Batman doesn’t kill!) It’s likely f KG Beast is in the film, it’s someone Batman takes out early on as an example of how vicious he’s becoming.

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Now it’s completely possible that this is all just rumors that have been repeated enough that magazine simply thinks they are true, all of this news, from Scoot McNairy playing Jimmy Olsen to KG Beast being in the film have been circling for a LONG time. I guess we’ll just have to go see Batman v Superman ourselves on March 25th to find out if it’s true.