Who is Anthony Mackie’s Favorite Batman?


Marvel’s Falcon, Anthony Mackie, tells us who his favorite Batman is

Anthony Mackie. Currently Captain America buddy and fellow Avenger Falcon. He has a pretty big role in a certain upcoming Marvel movie coming out in a couple of months. Hell he might be Captain America in the near future if the Marvel movies follow the Marvel comics. At a recent press junket for Anthony Mackie’s upcoming movie Triple 9, he was asked who his favorite Batman was and of course who would win between Batman and Superman. Because hey, it might be interesting to get some the perspective of a guy who is a major part of the competing comic book universe.

"If I had to pick, I’d pick Batman… Michael Keaton is my favourite Batman, though if I got to hang out with Morgan Freeman for the rest of my life, I’d be happy!"

And being that Anthony Mackie is such a huge part of the Marvel Universe, he was also asked about that supposed rivalry between DC & Marvel:

"It’s still strange to me that people think DC and Marvel are rivals, thinking we sit on the Marvel sets talking (trash) about DC."

Well, maybe not on sets, but as Comicbook.com rightfully points out, Anthony Mackie and some of the rest of the cast of Captain America: Civil War had little problem trash talking DC when Batman v Superman & Civil War were set to open on the same day:

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Now obviously, Batman v Superman was the car that swerved out of he way, as it moved up to March while Civil War stayed where it was. As far as the DC/Marvel rivalry, I think Anthony Mackie is right in that it’s blown way out of proportion, but it still would’ve been incredibly interesting to see these two movies go head to head and see who would’ve come out on top.