Harley Quinn Makes Relationship Status Less Complicated


Harley Quinn finally breaks free of her most abusive relationship

Harley Quinn has always been deeply connected and devoted to the Clown Prince of Crime, The Joker. And it makes perfect sense, because regardless of which version of Harley Quinn’s origin you go with, he created her (either through pure infatuation or using the same method that created him, which is her new 52 origin).

But it’s also well-established that Joker isn’t just neglectful of Harley Quinn, he is often brutally abusive. You’ve seen hints of it in shows like Batman: The Animated Series, where Harley Quinn originated, but being that was a kids show, they didn’t go too far with it. As the character grew in popularity and broke out on her own more, while she had other relationships (Deadshot, Posion Ivy), she always come back to the abusive relationship with the Joker, and not surprisingly, fans aren’t fond of that constant.

Well, in the recently released Harley Quinn #25, Harley finally breaks that cycle (in a fittingly violent manner), and in an equally important moment, definitely acknowledges that her and Poison Ivy are at least definitely friends with benefits, something that has kind of acknowledged on social media platforms, but not officially in the comics til pretty much now. Check out the key panels from Harley Quinn #25 below:

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Of course, nothing stays permanent in comics, odds are that eventually Joker and Harley will be back together at some point, because as twisted as their relationship is, they are considered a classic comic book couple. But hopefully this will be the status quo for the forseeable future. Will we ever see this on the big screen? Probably not right away, but I can totally see Harley Quinn beating the hell out of Joker and gaining her independence from him in a future film, be it Suicide Squad 2, a solo Batman film or hell her own movie (she could certainly carry one). And Poison Ivy will likely be in the mix if they ever bother introducing her (which I think they would at some point, but it will probably be awhile). Harley Quinn #25 is on sale now.

h/t CBR