David Mazouz Thinks Gotham/Flash Crossover Isn’t Likely


Gotham star David Mazouz discussed the possibility of a crossover with other CW shows

As Gotham is the only DC show that seems to have no plans to crossover with the Arrowverse in some form, Fans have been wondering if it could happen. Obviously there are obstacles involved, a lot of the same key people work on Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl in some capacity  and CBS and Warner Bros. share ownership of CW, so that makes it easier, for those shows to crossover rather than on a totally different network where none of that is the case. Still, crossovers on competing networks aren’t unheard of. Gotham star David Mazouz was asked about a crossover between his show and other current DC Shows were asked at a recent convention:

"I think the main problem with a Gotham crossover—I think a lot of the other shows, it works—but Gotham takes place in the past. And I think Bruce Wayne is supposed to be the same—in the comic books—is the same age as Barry Allen and Oliver Queen and Supergirl. And the main problem is that obviously I’m not the same age as Stephen Amell or Grant Gustin. And so unless there’s a time travel thing that’s introduced in one of those shows—and it’s probably not going to be introduced in Gotham—I don’t think a crossover will practically work. But you never know."

Sean Pertwee was also there and added while he’s heard rumblings in the press, it doesn’t seem likely.

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Well, obviously David Mazouz inadvertently revealed that he obviously doesn’t watch any of those shows, because Flash & Legends of Tomorrow deal heavily in time travel. I don’t blame him though, I’m probably not half as busy as him and I have trouble keeping up with all the comic book shows out there. The best way to keep the hopes of such a a crossover alive is to watch Gotham so it stays on the air, so be sure to catch it when it returns February 29th on Fox!

h/t WhatCulture