Geoff Johns Announces DC Comics Rebirth


Bam Smack Pow’s friend and fan Dan Calvisi — expert screenwriter and teacher — of Act Four Screenplays has brought a new Comic Book Resources video to our attention: the exclusive DC Comics Rebirth Official Announcement.  The 3-minute 43-second video features DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns explaining to fans what this “rebirth” means.  What we do know, so far, from small leaks and teasers, is that this is not a reboot.  So what is it then?

In short, Johns explains that it all started with Green Lantern and how, after that character’s rebirth, something seemed missing.  They wanted to go back to epic storytelling featuring larger than life battles and characters.  Next came a rebirth of the Flash where DC went the opposite direction and analyzed Barry Allen on a personal level — his backstory and what drove him.  All of this led to Flashpoint which emphasizes that the Flash has always been this catalyst for change.

The third rebirth will kick off with DC Universe: Rebirth #1.  Johns promises that fans “will learn some secrets about the New 52.”  On top of everything, the DC Comics’ brain trust trinity (composed of Johns himself, Dan DiDio, and Jim Lee) vow that this won’t be a single event, but an ongoing mission for the comics publishing giant.  At the end of the video, Johns leaves us with a quote from the first few lines of the first issue which sums up his own personal thoughts …

I love this world, but there’s something missing.

The DC Rebirth can be defined as taking the best of the best (past and present) and acknowledging them in one package.  Check out the announcement video.

DC Universe: Rebirth #1 by Geoff Johns will be an 80-page one-shot slated for release on May 25, 2016.  On-going titles will ship twice monthly with a new price point of $2.99 starting in June.