Batman v Superman Tickets On Sale Soon?


Batman v Superman tickets may go on sale on Superman’s birthday

Batman v Superman is just a little over a month away. And while tickets aren’t available just yet, Heroic Hollywood is claiming that they will be available for DC’s biggest movie to date fairly soon.

A fan apparently sent Heroic Hollywood an image advertising Batman v Superman tickets being on sale on Superman’s birthday, February 29th, specifically at 5pm (most likely 5pm West Coast time).  Hey, that’s next Sunday! Why is Superman’s birthday on February 29th? It’s a reference to his usually ageless appearance because you know Leap Years and whatnot. But the more surprising bit of that is Clark Kent actually has a separate birthday on June 18th, the day the Kents found his crashed pod on their farm (and the birthday of Superman voice actor Bud Colyer, who was his voice on the radio in the 1940s as well as the 1966 animated show The New Adventures Of Superman). Anyways, Batman v Superman tickets should be on sale next Sunday!

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In all seriousness, while it might not be a bad idea to buy your tickets early, I think more like a few days before rather than nearly a month before is a better option. The movie isn’t going anywhere, and this isn’t like a once in a lifetime opportunity at a concert by your favorite musician or something. Odds are even IMAX showings won’t be sold out until the day of release if it all. This isn’t Star Wars. But still, if you want to get Batman v Superman tickets ASAP, they should be on sale soon.