Batman v Superman Trailer Supercut


This supercut shows all the Batman v Superman footage released so far!

There sure has been plenty of Batman v Superman footage put out there. If only somebody could combine it all into one big long mega movie trailer. Oh hey, someone did!

This is a supercut of all Batman v Superman footage that has been released to date and it’s a doozy for a few trailers and TV spots, clocking in at nearly 10 minutes long. What is more impressive is that they apparently put the footage in chronological order (or probably a pretty close guess at any rate). Even as someone who has to watch all this stuff as part of my duties for this website, there were a few things I hadn’t seen, so odds are you might see something new as well. Of course you may not want to know any more about the film than you already do, which is totally valid. But if that’s not the case, check out the Batman v Superman trailer supercut below:

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So after watching this supercut, I think I might be even more worried about Batman v Superman. The footage itself is fine, but it reminds me a fan trailer for a film that looks cool but will never happen. You know the type. A trailer that has lots of moments and concepts that look cool in a trailer and separately, but there is no chance in hell those scenes come together to form a cohesive movie with a decent plot that makes any amount of sense. Is Batman v Superman a cool-looking but ultimately nonsensical fan film with a gigantic budget? We’ll find out when it opens March 25th.