Batman v Superman Doritos Contest!


The Batman v Superman Doritos Contest offers tons of cool prizes!

What would a big movie release be without a cool giveaway or two? Of course, there’s already the great Ultimate Batman v Superman Experience, but hey why just have one giveaway? Doritos is having their own giveaway loaded with cool prizes, and all you have to do of course, is buy specially marked packaged of Doritos and enter the codes for tons of cool possible prizes, the top prize being a trip to the movie’s premiere.

You can go enter your codes at the Batman v Superman/Doritos website here. One thing you’ll want to pay attention to is what bag you are buying, because there are different sets of prizes for Batman codes and Superman codes. While both offer the chance at free movie tickets or a trip to the premiere of Batman v Superman, the Batman prizes seem more tech based (TVs, tablets, consoles, high tech toys etc.) and the Superman ones seem very outdoorsy (skydiving, bungee jumping). The contest runs until April 23rd, so you have plenty of time to win something before and after. But the actual premiere of Batman v Superman prize needs to be claimed by March 10th, so act quick if you want a chance at that.

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Lots of cool prizes to be won here, even if the it seems a little bit like Superman is sort of representing jocks and Batman is sort of representing nerds. Batman v Superman opens March 25th.