Official Batman v Superman Runtime Revealed!


The fight between DC’s greatest heroes in Batman v Superman won’t be a short match

So how long does Batman v Superman need to be in order to set up the DC movie universe and Justice League? Is two and a half hours long enough? Well let’s hope so.

Batman v Superman’s official runtime is 151 minutes, that’s a little longer than Man of Steel’s runtime at 143 minutes, which was also the running time of Marvel’s longest movie, the Avengers, so this will be the longest superhero film in awhile. Will it be enough, or could it even be too much? Obviously a lot depends on the pacing. One thing is for sure, with 151 minutes, even though we think we know what is going to happen in Batman v Superman, it has lots of time to surprise us.

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I think it is also important to note that this is Zack Snyder’s second longest running film to date. Watchmen was longer (especially if you count the editions with extra footage not in the theatrical cut), but it also felt overlong and extremely bloated. Among the many problems I had with Man Of Steel, a big one was the pacing. It managed to feel incredibly rushed (he’s Superman for a day and then Zod shows up) and yet some parts felt like they went on forever (all the excessive destruction). But granted, this movie has to cover a lot more ground, so it being a little longer makes some sense. We will also have to wonder what didn’t make the cut. Will there  be a director’s cut of Batman v Superman? We may have to wait and see how well the movie actually does to find out. Batman v Superman opens in theaters March 25th.