Agent Carter Season 2, Episode 8 Synopsis: The Edge Of Mystery


So let’s review. With just three episodes left in Agent Carter Season 2, Peggy Carter is up against a powerful and deranged enemy, the number of people she can trust can be counted on one hand, and her own organization, the SSR, is actively trying to stop her. She’s also not 100 percent physically, her most steadfast ally has seen the bad guys strike tragically close to home, and Peggy’s somehow managed to get tangled in a love triangle even while all of this is going on.

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Does that about cover it? As “The Edge of Mystery” approaches, the first thought for fans has to be for the fate of Ana Jarvis, a great supporting character viciously shot by Whitney Frost last week. She better be alright, or there’s going to be some serious Agent Carter fan rage!

Plus there’s more than ever to worry about, as Dottie Underwood, who Peggy and her friends reluctantly turned to for help, is on the loose, and Jason Wilkes is in the hands of Frost. If Madame Masque can somehow combine Wilkes’ power with her own … well, the result is sure to be bad news for everyone, because if we’ve learned anything about Whitney over the course of this season, it’s that her thirst for power is unquenchable.

So what’s Peggy’s next move? Let’s check out the official synopsis for Agent Carter Season 2, episode 8 and see if we find any clues:

"Peggy and Sousa propose a trade with Whitney Frost, while the SSR gets help from Howard Stark that may be the key to eliminating Zero Matter, on “Marvel’s Agent Carter,” TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 23 (9:00-10:00 p.m. EST) on the ABC Television Network."

What could our heroes trade that Frost would want? Clearly the goal would be to get Wilkes back, though it’s hard to imagine they hold any kind of serious bargaining chip in return.

More Howard Stark is always a good thing, and Dominic Cooper has been in Season 2 more than fans had originally been led to believe. His scientific prowess for the 1940s borders on the edge of the unbelievable at times, even for a show set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but given that, it’s not out of character to think that he may have found a way to counter Zero Matter.

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We’re running low on episodes and Peggy is running low on time, which should prove to be an exciting conclusion. Tune in Tuesday, February 23 at 9 pm on ABC for “The Edge of Mystery,” and don’t forget to do two things when it’s over: come back here for Christina Lazzara’s recap and review, and keep your TV on the same channel, because another episode will follow.