Might We Be Nearing The End Of Marvel’s Agent Carter?


Most of us fans felt lucky enough to be graced with a second season of Marvel’s Agent Carter. After all, the first season was a daring, straight-out-of-the-Forties, vibrant Marvel television show in comparison to Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. Hayley Atwell brings Peggy Carter to life in ways no one dared imagine.

But should we really be that surprised that the show is struggling in the ratings?

Hidden Remote conducted their own “Renewal Scorecard” to see what shows this season are struggling and what that might mean for the fate of the show. Now, Agent Carter’s ratings weren’t stellar for its first season, but it did well enough that it garnered a second season to bridge the winter break for Agents of SHIELD.

But it didn’t seem to fare better ratings-wise this season, and the news that Hayley Atwell has been cast in an ABC pilot for next season feels like it spells doom for our favorite SSR agent.

So how do we prepare for what might be the end?

Well, much like the inevitable retirement of Nicklas Lidstrom on the Detroit Red Wings (it’s still painful), we need to mentally prepare ourselves for Peggy Carter no longer gracing our screens. It might be hard, but it is possible.

Enjoy every second of the remaining three episodes. Listen to Jarvis bumble on about some sort of Howard Stark/Greta Garbo affair and the invention he created in the wake of the messy breakup. Sit and listen to Hayley Atwell’s ridiculously good American accent. Watch Daniel Sousa somehow outsmart Vernon Masters and get his post back as the head of the SSR West. Watch Jack Thompson still be a complete and utter jerk!

Even the new players are killing it this season. Whitney Frost is absolutely crazy and Wynn Everett plays her in the best possible way. You can watch any scene she’s in and pinpoint the moments when her actress mask starts to crack and she slowly becomes more and more unhinged. These next three episodes will be so much fun as she discovers how much power she truly wields.

Hayley Atwell truly is a national treasure, even if she does hail from the UK. She has made such an impact playing Peggy Carter that scenes have been added into Marvel Cinematic Universe movies to include her (Ant-Man, Age of Ultron). It’s a shame that we may only get two seasons of her gracing our television, but two is better than one, right?

This past weekend, my entire family went to my best friend’s CCWHA playoff game and talked about how much we adore this season of Agent Carter, even with two of the four of us having only see one of the episodes from last week’s double-header. Compared to the drab drama that is Agents of SHIELD and the unkillable Grant Ward, it’s such a fun hour of television (plus we’re all suckers for the 1940s).

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Look, every show ends at some point. And every ending is bittersweet, even when they’re broadcast years before (looking at you, Lost). But it’s the ones that are too soon that hurt the most. We just need to savor what we have and not take it for granted … even if we are talking about just a television show.