Henry Cavill Asks Kids: Batman or Superman?


Henry Cavill tries to convince kids Superman is better than Batman

Batman and Superman will face off in just over a month in the upcoming Batman v Superman film. We’ve seen a lot of comic book industry leaders and various celebrities give their answer on Batman and Superman, but won’t somebody think of the children? That’s exactly what Henry Cavill did. He asked the most honest and brutal critics on Earth who they prefer, Batman v Superman.

The video is Henry Cavill doing his part to help promote not just Batman v Superman, but the Batman v Superman Ultimate Experience, where you can donate and win cool prizes like a trip to the premiere where you’ll actually get to hang out with the cast. Hell if you are making the same kind of bucks as Bruce Wayne, you can buy some pretty cool prizes as well as enter the contest and help a great charity in the process. See these kids give Henry Cavill some pretty brutal answers in the video below:

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Well, he did get a good portion of them to say they’d like to fly in a helicopter with Superman at least. I really would like to know what upgrades Superman would need to beat Batman though. Would a tornado kick be enough I wonder? Regardless, if you want to donate to some great causes and have a chance to win a great prize, get in on the Ultimate Batman v Superman Experience. See Henry Cavill as Superman when Batman v Superman opens in theaters March 25th.

h/t Comicbook.com