Batman & Superman Build-A-Bears!


Batman & Superman Build-A-Bears are ready to deliver cuddly justice!

Build-A-Bear is known for it’s custom bears, many based on your favorite superheroes. And for Batman v Superman, Build-A-Bear is making some new bears and accessories available.

These new Build-A-Bears will start being available this Thursday Build-A-Bear Workshop stores in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Ireland and Denmark, as well as online at But these new bears won’t be the only new thing available. There will be new Batman & Superman costumes available, as well as plush Batmobile (Bearmobile? Batbearmobile?) for your new Build-A-Bear to ride in. You can check out pricing for these Batman & Superman Build-A-Bears and their add-on options as well as pictures below:

"Batman and Superman Product Prices (USD)· Make Your Own Batman Bear plush: $25· Batman Bear costume: $16· Batman 4-in-1 Sound: $7· Batmobile (pre-stuffed): $30· Make Your Own Superman Bear plush: $25· Superman Bear costume: $16· Superman 6-in-1 Sound: $7"

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It might be a little hard to tell since the Batman Build-A-Bear is wearing a costume, but both bears have the symbol of the comic book heroes they represent stamped all over them, like someone went nuts with a stamp of the symbol on both of them. Luckily, these bears aren’t really at a premium price, so you won’t be paying more if your kid wants a Batman or Superman bear vs. any other bears. And if you want to bring one of these Build-A-Bears to the premiere of Batman v Superman on March 25th, we won’t judge you! Again, these bears and their accessories should be available starting this Thursday.