Batman v Superman Director’s Cut Rated R


Batman v Superman will have an even edgier director’s cut

Batman v Superman is definitely grim and gritty, but it’s not Watchmen or Deadpool. It is still a PG-13 movie that you can take your kids to see. Apparently, there was enough left out from the theatrical cut to drop the content a whole level, because the MPAA has just rated the director’s cut of Batman v Superman, and it’s a ‘R’.

The director’s cut of Batman v Superman has specifically been rated R by the MPAA for “sequences of violence”. So this isn’t some random nudity or Batman swearing a bunch, it is specifically for scenes of violence that were apparently violent enough to warrant an ‘R’ rating. It’s specifically noted that this director’s cut of Batman v Superman does have different content from the theatrical version, so it probably not just bloodier versions of fight scenes that are already in the film. Although theatrical releases are certainly not unheard of for director’s cuts, odds are this is something we will have to wait for the home video release of Batman v Superman to see.

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So the question is what could move Batman v Superman to an ‘R’ rating? I have a guess. The death of Robin. The movie will most likely just hint at what happened to him, just show the ruined suit, maybe a couple of brief fuzzy flashbacks. The director’s cut could totally have a unedited scene where Joker utterly beats Robin to a bloody pulp and doesn’t hold back on the violence. Obviously, this is just a hunch, but I think it makes plenty of sense. Obviously we will have to wait until the home video release off Batman v Superman (possibly right before Suicide Squad) to find out.

h/t Batman News