DC Comics Celebrates Dark Knight Returns


DC Comics celebrates the 30th anniversary of the seminal Dark Knight Returns

Dark Knight Returns is one of the most influential comics of all time. It is obviously a big influence on Batman v Superman, and on just about every other serious superhero film and comic book of the last few decades. 2016 is the 30th anniversary of Dark Knight Returns and DC Comics is celebrating that anniversary with a special anniversary edition!

First up, tomorrow, February 24th, a 30th anniversary edition of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns will be available, this special edition will include a cover gallery, Frank Miller’s original Dark Knight proposal to DC Comics, and a gallery of his pencils for The Dark Knight Returns.

You can of course also check out the sequel, the Dark Knight Returns (on second thought, no don’t do that) and currently the follow-up to those two series, the Dark Knight III: The Master Race is ongoing right now, with a collector’s hardcover edition available September 21st.

Also being made a available is a $50 bust of the Dark Knight himself. You can check out pics of this bust and the special 30th anniversary edition of The Dark Knight Returns in the gallery below:

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It should go without saying that Dark Knight Returns is one of the most influential comic works of all time. And unlike some comics that only thought the answer to be good was to be all ridiculously “grimdark”, Dark Knight Returns remains a great example of how to dark and gritty correctly without going too far. Let’s hope a certain movie opening soon that takes a lot of inspiration from it took that lesson from it as well.

h/t Comicbook.com