Gotham: Peguin’s Just Insane


This new Gotham featurette focuses on Penguin’s journey in the back half of season 2

Gotham returns from hiatus this Monday, and when it comes back Penguin is in a very bad place. No longer King of the Gotham underworld, his mother killed right in front of him, and he’s taken the blame for the murder of Theo Galavan. This means he’s on he run from the entire GCPD, with no one to help him, where will he turn?

This featurette has actor Robin Lord Taylor, who plays Penguin on Gotham, talking about what has happened to his character so far this season and how that’s affected him. You can watch the clip below:

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Well, Penguin is certainly evil, but nobody I’d classify as straight up insane. Taylor refers to this as the gateway to becoming the Penguin we are more familiar with from the comics. So does this mean his stay at Arkham Asylum will make Penguin shorter, fatter and suddenly have a huge bird fetish? Well, maybe that last one. It will be obviously interesting to see what affect Dr. Hugo Strange has on Penguin and whether or not Penguin becomes a guest of the mysterious Indian Hill facility. And at some point, the fact that Penguin has taken the rap for Galavan’s murder when it was actually Gordon who killed him will come up. Will it cause Gordon to rescue Penguin from Arkham because Penguin did him such a solid? Find out by watching Gotham when it returns this Monday, February 29th on Fox!